NFT Games: A Win-Win situation for the whole gaming industry

By | June 12, 2022
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Focusing on the challenges that the new innovation of NFT brings to the gaming horizon, the first response many people get is resistance. But it doesn’t always have to be. Why? The path-breaking role of blockchain technology has opened the door to many industries within different ventures. In addition, there have been new use cases of this technology emerging by the day to achieve better results than ever was.

What does an NFT Game owner have?

When a game developer and investor spend a lot of money to design a gaming platform. And promote it to make it famous may still be a potential to vie for ownership. Consequently, the overall digital economy requires an innovative approach to trading, e-commerce, other lifestyle features, and entertainment options. One of the last ones is playing video games and earning money. Below are some of the classic benefits of owning an NFT game.

Potential to attract huge capital

Intelligent investors know that many upcoming start-ups hold tremendous potential through the crypto and blockchain markets. At the same time, the gaming process is a new way to attract the market products and services into the blockchain network. And the NFT gladly makes that better because it can quickly become the future that we all dream of having. 

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In addition, the game owners and developers also will not mind joining the bandwagon of blockchain solutions. And when you have capitalists on your team of investors, their risk-taking ability will further drive your will to succeed. It is also essential to note that venture capital funds are projected to be available for blockchain-based start-ups. The potential investment should exceed $52 billion.

Scale-up existing gaming solutions

Undoubtedly, traditional gaming solutions need an upscaling through the NFT game development solutions. As a result, it opens up fresh avenues for their business and brings new players into the community. A game is rated by how many players are involved in the entire process. And whether they are registered users and logged in. it also considers how regular or frequent these players play. 

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At the same time, the NFT games development can enhance the value of existing products on the platform.

Earning from the transaction fees

The NFT gaming token involves a transaction where a gaming solution can exchange transaction fees through the intermediary wallet. On the other hand, the exchange can also take place for a specific price transferred from the owner who wants to see an item or exchange it with others. While the value of the in-game item may change, the transaction amount can also vary from a hundred dollars to millions if the capital is enormous.

Mergers and takeovers

In the case of takeovers or mergers, there may be an occurrence of pneumatic solutions that can cause a disruption to the entire industry. By so doing, existing players may be interested in a merger of both arms or an outright takeover of the company, depending on the share size. Therefore, the gaming sector is not an exception to the disruptions due to these managerial changes. Besides, the industrial peers may also be interested in the same deal, which may cause some competition. With a small start on a solid NFT platform, there is a good chance that the business can climb new heights. Visit to read about Investing in NFT Games: What You Need to Know.

Earn directly from app upload on Apple or Play Store

Downloads come in counts, and when a certain number is reached with good reviews, Google rewards the developer or uploader with some download fee. In addition, every new download also brings in more revenue to the uploader. 

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Whereas, if any item is bought through this app, it can lead to a steady flow of income for the game owners. Meanwhile, some critical factors contribute to that.

What a Player Gains from NFT Games Development

No one across the world could deny the effects of the COVID19 pandemic in the previous year. It affected both the local and online businesses and the distribution of jobs. Therefore the capacity of specific jobs to accommodate individuals has dropped while the job seekers are searching for alternatives. 

At that time, the gaming community discovered the NFT gaming technology to play and earn real money. One of such places where NFT games have made indelible marks is the Philippines. Many business owners had to turn to it during the lockdown before earning their daily bread. Below are some of the clear benefits for the player.

In-game Asset ownership

The right of ownership of in-game assets is one irresistible benefit of trying out NFT games. A player gets complete control over all his earnings, and he can keep them safely inside his cryptocurrency wallet. Meanwhile, blockchain technology also ensures that all contents are safe and secure. He can also exchange these assets in the form of cryptocurrencies. The player can also receive incentives when playing crypto-based games apart from regular ones.

A highly secure environment

NFT games give a highly secure environment for transactions to occur and the platform’s reliability. So, as a gamer, you can be sure that your digital assets are ins safe hands within the blockchain network. The linked digital wallet also promises an impenetrable shield of sophisticated technology.

Rarity and transparency

Another unique benefit of the NFT games is their provable rarity and transparency. This influences the value that the crypto rewards can have in rarity. Moreover, the resources on the blockchain also ensure that there are no hidden fees or faulted transactions. Blockchain is a kind of end-to-end stream, which makes all transactions transparent. In addition, all records of transactions are made on the public ledger within the blockchain network. 


On a final note, there are no worries for anyone planning to venture into the gaming industry with the NFT gaming structure. The future is here where game players will not pay to be entertained. Instead, they will be paid immense rewards when playing these NFT games. Moreover, the games will reward successful contests and award the amount of time playing.