Investing in NFT Games: What You Need to Know

By | June 12, 2022

As the NFT technology grows in acceptability and popularity, so are the associated NFT games. Moreover, by the third quarter of 2021, the trading volume of the NFT had reached $10.67 billion in value. According to the DappRadar analytics platform, this growth compared to the previous quarter is a whopping 704% difference.

Meanwhile, this growth is partly due to the trading volume that happens when playing NFT games with its growing popularity. The in-game items for NFT games spawned a sum of $2.3 billion in the trading volume within that period. This rate represents about 22% of the total investment in this market.

Although the NFT games are still considered early, the potential is still accurate and can make much more. As a result, many people already foresee this great opportunity and embrace it with both hands. But then, what particular NFT games can potential investors get into for profit? Before we dive into that, it is fair to first briefly describe what NFT games are and how they work. After all, you need to invest in what you understand and how it works. 

What is unique about how NFT Games work?

NFT games depend on the non-fungible tokens technology that allows individuals to own unique valuable tokens unique to one person only. In other words, NFT contains digital collectibles on blockchain technology that can turn out to be very valuable for trading and profiting in the long run. 

Meanwhile, the NFT games also allow users to earn money from playing these games. So, the overall idea is to blend in playing and enjoying video games with the world of finance. The participants in this new world like to refer to this system as GameFi which uses NFT technology. In addition, the gamers can also sell the collectible from the games to other players or collectors.  

On the other hand, gamers can own some NFT from some play-to-earn gaming models with high value. This method allows gamers to invest more deliberately into the system so that they can profit from the potential increase in value. 

Top NFT Games that hold excellent investment potential

  1. Alien Worlds 
More Efficient NFT Game Card Mining to be Unleashed in Alien Worlds | by Alien  Worlds | Medium

Alien Worlds is an NFT game and one of the most valuable ones to invest in. And presently, it has accrued over 2.5 million users from all over the world. This game became the first-ever NFT game to reach over 100,000 users on blockchain technology. 

Users love to refer to it as a metaverse, a shared virtual environment that spreads over seven planets. This NFT game also allows players to mine the cryptocurrency known as Trillium while they play. It is also a play-to-earn game where players can earn their local cryptocurrency as they play.

Apart from mining cryptocurrencies, some of the players’ activities are battling other players and going on quests. Upon successfully completing each training, the players earn a rental income from their digitally possessed land. Click here to read about Integrating NFT Football Games with Blockchain Technology.

In addition, this game uses the digital items created as NFTs for the mining process. An example of such a tool is avatars. Players can make money when they cash out on their earned cryptocurrency, Trillium. 

  1. Arc8

Arc8 as an NFT Game was launched in October 2021 as a play-to-earn mobile esports platform. This platform allows users to play 10 casual games to participate in one-on-one matches or group tournaments. The winner then takes tokens which is the reward of the NFT gaming platform. Also, this platform has earned more than 1.3 million registered users just after launch.

Moreover, the utility token that a user earns from this platform is the GMEE. Then before the game begins, users may need to pay GMEE as an entrance fee for some in-game tournaments or make any purchase on the game. Meanwhile, the resultant price of winning is also earning GMEE.

In addition to the mobile gaming platform, Arc8 also plans to launch G-Bots that users can upgrade into a full NFT game character. At this level, the player can unlock new levels of features and functionality where gamers can go up in groups. Developing these G-Bots provides an opportunity for owners to access some exclusive play-to-earn tournaments. 

  1. Axie Infinity
How to play Axie Infinity? Complete Beginners Game Guide, Builds,  Walk-though - NFT's Street

Another impressive choice of NFT games is the Axie Infinity, which has become highly dominant in the NFT gaming world. But here is the big news: In the third quarter of 2021, Axie Infinity raked in an explosive trading volume of $2.08 billion of a total of $2.3 billion in the NFT gaming trading volume. That is a whopping 83% of the game’s historical trading volume of $2.5 billion.

By implication, we know that users are making loads of money from playing this game and earning on the platform. In fact, we can pin the earning rate at about $100 each day. Moreover, the Axie Infinity is a digital pet universe where new players may need to buy three Axies. The Axies are the digital fantasy creatures that are the actual NFT.

Players are required to raise Axies and battle others for supremacy. And when they win, they can sell the Axies through the platform. Also, the model allows players to incentivize users through their in-game equipment and sell them to other users at a profit. 

  1. CryptoBlades
CryptoBlades (SKILL) rise — where can investors buy it? | by Lukas  Wiesflecker | The Capital | Medium

CryptoBlades provides opportunities for players to use different virtual weapons to defeat their opponents. The first stage is to collect these digital tokens in the in-game currency and then use their skills to contend with others and try to win. After each win, they earn more tokens and then level up their characters for more contests. 

On the other hand, NFT game players on the Cryptoblade platform can advertise manufactured foods for sale and make profits. However, the popularity of this game has fluctuated in some way but still has over 400,000 Unique Active Wallets (UAW). Also, the team behind the NFT game announced a separate sequel known as the CryptoBlade Kingdoms. 

  1. Splinterlands

Splinterland is the platform where players can earn digital collectible card games using blockchain technology. It also has over 245,000 UAW daily as of September 2021, which is a whopping 3267% from what it got at the end of the second quarter. It also added over 150 million transactions during the third quarter, a volume that reached $1.18 million.